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Excellent Quality Since 1987


Tropical Foods Company, Inc. has discovered counterfeit Tropiway Plantain Fufu Flour selling on the market and we strongly believe it is our duty and obligation to warn our consumers and the general public.


We were getting numerous complaints about the poor quality of the counterfeit products which bear our trade mark, logo, company name and address and after obtaining samples for analysis and comparison, realized why there were so many complaints.


The fake product looks exactly like the real TROPIWAY®  PLANTAIN FUFU FLOUR, with the exception of the quality which was found to be very inferior and sub-standard, from the manufacturing point of view.


We would like to assure our consumers that we are working hard with local, state and federal authorities to find and bring the counterfeiters and their accomplices to justice.


Meanwhile, do not let this discourage you from purchasing the authentic TROPIWAY®  PLANTAIN FUFU FLOUR which is still on the market.


Please remember that it is the excellent quality of our products that has given rise to this act of counterfeiting and we promise to continue to give you and your family the quality that you deserve for your money.


For your safety and protection, we are providing the following clues to help identify the fake products. 



* The box does not have "BEST BEFORE" printed on the top panel.

* The expiration date is a sticker.

* Box is slightly softer and deeply colored overall with a much deeper red highlight across the website and email section.


* The foil bag is much thicker.

* You notice a change in the quality of the product.

If you encounter any of the above do not purchase the product. It is counterfeit.

Or if you have the counterfeit product, do not hesitate to take it to where you purchased it from and ask for your money back.

Meanwhile, let your detective instinct go to work and prove to the crooks involved that you will not allow them to deny you the privilege to enjoy your favorite authentic Tropiway®  fufu meal.


It is also our hope that those responsible for this criminal act of counterfeiting will take this as a warning and put a stop to it.



To all our loyal consumers around the globe



Fufu Flour
Fufu Flour
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