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Tropiway®  is the officially registered trademark that belongs to Tropical Foods Co, Inc., the manufacturers of Tropiway Fufu Flour and other food items. In 1987, Edward Ofori, a food science researcher and a native of Ghana invented "FUFU FLOUR", and coined the word "TROPIWAY". He established a company as Tropical Foods in the State of South Carolina in the United States of America, to carry on further research, product development, and manufacturing.

Tropiway®  Fufu Flour products are so uniquely formulated and manufactured under strict U.S. government health code making them the consumer's favorite in all specialty food markets around the world.

Tropical Foods Co., Inc. has modern production facilities with state of the art, hi-tech equipment to cater for an ever increasing demand and also has the capability to undertake contract packaging of other powdered food products for human consumption for other companies. Our premises are inspected and approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (Reg# 3003742974) and South Carolina Department of Agriculture.

A Word of Warning

As always the case, unfortunately, Illegal counterfeiters are deceiving consumers by copying our products and trade mark. There are countless of counterfeiters out there trying to copy the design of the fufu boxes. Although, the boxes may appear the same, the product always tastes different from the original Tropical Foods Fufu. More severe, counterfeiting is prohibited by criminal and civil law. The punishments vary from country to country. Usually, Brand owners can sue counterfeiters in civil court for damages and injunctions. Also, the government can sue, as well, in criminal court. Here the punishments include fines and incarceration. These crimes originated from developing countries with strong but low-cost manufacturing capabilities, including Asia, Eastern Europe, Latin America. The internet is the key to selling counterfeit products. To deceive the consumer, the counterfeiter displays an advertisement of the fake product using the photo of the real product.

Remember, a counterfeiter is like a magician who has discovered some unique ways and means to create an illusion and deception to pocket your hard earned money. Always look for our trademark TROPIWAY®  because we make the best quality products at an affordable price.

About Tropiway®

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