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Making Fufu

Fufu Flour is a specialty flour specifically formulated to produce fufu, a close resemblance of dumpling. It can also be used for frying meats, fish and poultry as well as thickening gravy, soup or stew. Fresh tropical produce such as plantain, cocoyam (Ghanaian word for edo, taro or tubers of the elephant's ear plant) and cassava are processed and turned into powder. These are blended together in the manufacture of Tropiway Plantain Fufu Flour and Tropiway Cocoyam Fufu Flour.



      PLEASE NOTE : Tiny specs of Saffron may become present in the product occasionally.



  • * Consumers are encouraged to search for Saffron & Tumeric online.

  • Link to learn more about saffron.

  • Link to learn more about turmeric.

  • Link to learn more about BHT.


Preparing Fufu:

Unlike the traditional method of preparing fufu, Tropiway Fufu Flour is very easy to prepare.

  • Simply add water to flour and stir into a paste in a saucepan.

  • Place over heat and knead with a wooden spoon.

  • Check for thickness and consistency. If fufu is too soft while cooking, add some more flour. On the other hand, if it is too stiff add a little bit of water.

Serving Fufu:

You may serve fufu with your favorite soup or stew. Here is a recipe for Beef (light) soup. The ingredients are not quantified. Just use your sense of imagination and creativity and cook to satisfy yourself.


INGREDIENTS: Meat, fresh tomatoes, onion, salt, and ground red pepper are all the ingredients you need.
METHOD: Cut meat into small pieces, wash and put them in a clean pot. Add chopped onions and tomatoes and just a little bit of salt and pepper to taste. Add enough water to bring the soup to a boil. Check for taste and add more water, salt or pepper whichever seems to be insufficient. Allow soup to cook till meat is tender.

SOUP FLAVORS: The following alternatives may be used to obtain different soup flavors


To be more exotic, add some smooth peanut butter to the soup while it is still cooking. This is called Peanut butter soup.


Blend a can of mixed vegetables and add to the soup and you have a vegetable soup.

Pour soup over the fufu and enjoy by consuming small pieces at a time. Remember, unlike dumpling, FUFU is not meant to be chewed.

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