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Traditional African Dishes

  Save Time while Preparing Traditional African Dishes

You could go to the store and bring home some fresh plantains and taro and spend half your day mashing them up to create your own fufu. However, sometimes you don't have all that time to waste. Tropical Foods Company Inc. brings to you our fufu flour that is processed and shelf stable so you can create traditional African dishes any day of the week. We use all the same ingredients you would, but have taken the effort out of making a healthy and delicious meal.

Bring Back African Cuisine to Your Table

Is it that time of year when a bowl of Greens and Peanut Butter Stew would perfectly complete your day? Perhaps pepper soup or fish stew is on your menu tonight. Indulge yourself and complete your African cuisine by mixing up some fufu to perfectly complement the meal. As you know, the act of sharing a bowl of fufu between family and friends is part of enjoying a meal. Our flour is perfectly balanced so your fufu is just right for each and every meal.

Just Add Water to Our Fufu Flour

There is no mortar and pestle required to make up some fufu for supper tonight. We process the plantains, tubers, and spices down into a flour. You just add enough water while mixing the fufu up over the stove to create that delicious soft ball of dough. We offer flour made with taro or cassava, so you can enjoy that iconic flavor whenever you are cooking. Our flours are also great for thickening stews or for breading meat and fish when frying.

Look for fufu flour from Tropical Foods Company Inc. on your local grocery store shelves or from finer specialty food shops throughout the world.

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