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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use microwave to cook fufu?


I have a supermarket and I like to buy the fufu in wholesale. What should I do?

Send us your email address and we will email you the necessary information

I can't get my fufu to hold together, why?

You definitely used too much water.

Could you kindly send me the required information on how to be a distributor of your fufu flour. Also, does your company produce other African products.

We manufacture two types of fufu products, plantain and cocoyam. Unfortunately, we cannot give you the information on this particular page. If you would send us your email address or fax number, we will be more than glad to send you the information.

If a package has not been opened yet, what is the shelf life of fufu?

Fufu Flour is preserved to have a shelf life of 24 months, if stored under cool condition.

Have you changed your formula?

Yes. Click Here to Learn More

How come there seem to be some slight changes sometimes?

Crops varies with the season in which they are produced. This could have a minor effect in taste, texture, color and consistency.

But I have repeated the same process for years and never had any problem?

It is time to try a new process. Make a paste first before cooking. Be sure to add more dry flour as needed to ensure a thick constancy.

Do you have information about all the retailers who carry your products?

It is impossible for us to know about every retailer around the globe. However, the best way for consumers to locate the nearest store is to ask friends who are already using the products.

Since I can not buy Fufu over the internet, can you please tell me where is the closest store to where I live that I can buy it.

We are the manufacturers but some retailers do market our products over the internet. You may locate them by searching using "tropiway fufu flour". At this point of time, we do not know of any store in your particular area.

Is Fufu flour gluten and wheat free?


Why are your products not sold in my area food stores?

Our products are sold in most of the international specialty food stores. In some areas where the market is very much restricted, retailers may decide not to carry the products and we have no control over their decision.

Although Fufu is not my traditional food, I enjoyed the taste and planning to continue eating it. I am curious as to why you don't have product information on the box such as amount of carbohydrates, sugar, fat, etc.

It depends on the country you live in. Some countries such as UK don't require nutritional facts information where as here in the US such information must appear on the packages. We always follow government regulations.

Does Cocoyam Fufu contain ONLY 'dehydrated tubers of the elephant's ear and cassava' ? Does it come into contact with ANY (trace) sulfites, BHT or other preservatives, colors, processing aids or ingredients during its production for allergy reasons?

Yes, we do not have any dedicated line just for cocoyam production. When it comes to mass production, the use of preservatives are inevitable as in this case. Fresh produce are not the same as processed products.

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