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Fufu Flour

  Ready-to-Use Fufu Flour for a Fast Family Meal

Is Fufu still a part of your family's favorite dinner dishes? Tropical Foods Company Inc. helps take the work out of creating this staple dish with our Fufu Flour. We only use natural ingredients and no preservatives, so you can serve your family with pride and confidence. You can leave the plantain and taro masher to the side, as our Fufu will come together in just a few minutes after you add water. We stick to our popular traditional recipe which we have used for over 30 years. Our Fufu Flour is served around the world!


Just Add Water and Stir Our Fufu Meal


We add just a touch of turmeric and saffron to our mix of plantains, cassava, and potato so you end up with fufu that has just a touch of spice to perfectly complement tonight's stew. Of course part of preparing fufu is mixing it up! Just add a little water at a time until the fufu comes together in a soft dough ready to be placed at the center of your table for sharing. If you are new to using fufu meal, just remember that it has been part of African cuisine for centuries and is easy to prepare and easier to eat! Just dip it into any stew or soup.


Gluten-Free and Ready to Add Dimension to Your Diet


Have you been looking for something new to add to your gluten free diet? Fufu has always been naturally gluten and wheat free. Plantains are related to bananas, but do not have an overly sweet taste. The cassava or taro and potato help the mashed plantains come together in a soft dough that is ready to be pulled from the ball and dipped without sticking to your hands.


Fufu flour from tropical Foods Company Inc. can be found on store shelves around the world or in your favorite online specialty food store. Affordable, nutritious, and tasty, mix some up to add to your dinner today.

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