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Gluten Free Flour

  Gluten Free Flour that Brings a New Option to Mealtime

Are you searching for options to bread? Fufu flour from Tropical Foods Company Inc. may be just the thing for your situation. It is a gluten free flour made out of mashed plantains, cassava, taro, potato, and a few spices and is a traditional part of many Caribbean and African dishes. Instead of trying to find a substitute for dinner rolls, think about trying some fufu with your next stew or soup meal. Turmeric and saffron give it a vivid color along with a subtle and spicy flavor that compliments many different types of dishes.

Your Source for Your Fufu Specialty Food Recipes

Did you look up an African recipe and it suggests serving the meal with fufu? This common dish is often found at the center of many dinner tables. The soft dough is shared by everyone. Pinch off a bit of the soft dough and dip it into the sauce or soup. Our flours are offered by many different specialty food retailers throughout the world and are ready to be mixed up using just a bit of water, a wooden spoon, and a single pot on the stove. We offer a plantain or cocoyam version to deliver the flavor profile you desire.

Using Traditional Ingredients for that Memorable Taste

Did you or grandmother often make fufu for family celebrations? Our ingredients include the same spices and vegetables that they used, but we take all the time and effort out of making your fufu. Our process breaks down the tough tubers and plantains and turns them into a meal ready for use. A bag of our flour can remain in your pantry for up to 24 months, so it is always available to add something special to dinner time.

Fufu Flour by Tropical Foods Company Inc. can be found at your local grocer or via many online specialty food retailers around the world.

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