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Tropical Foods Co., Inc. currently markets Tropiway®  Fufu Flour products through DISTRIBUTORS or WHOLESALERS in various states, cities, and countries around the world. The products are sold in most international food stores near your neighborhood. If you cannot find Tropiway®  Fufu Flour, we encourage you to contact one of our distributors or the nearest store and ask them to order the products for your convenience. A link is provided on the Menu Bar on top of the page. 

You may also contact us directly to get a price quote on less than truck load shipments.

Send your request to


Main Office

P.O. Box 14
Clifton, SC 29324-0014 
Telephone: 864-463-9210 
Fax: 864-463-9223 





Need any help with something? Fill out the contact form and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.





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