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African Flour

  Create Delicious Traditional Meals with Our African Flour

Have you been wanting to make a special meal for your family and friends but are struggling to find the right African flour? Mix up some delicious fufu when you buy fufu flour from Tropical Foods Company Inc. Our shelf stable flour includes all the right ingredients needed to get that flavor you remember from your childhood by using plantains, cassava and/or cocoyam and some of your favorite spices. Add water and stir up some fufu so your family can share in the memories tonight.


  A Specialty Flour that Includes Only Natural Traditional Ingredients


Are you seeking a gluten free specialty flour? Fufu has always been wheat free and our flour continues with that tradition by using familiar and common ingredients. The best part is that we have done all the hard work of mashing and breaking down the plantains and tubers for you, so it only takes a few minutes to mix up a pot of fufu for supper tonight. Our mix includes a mix of turmeric and saffron for that classic spice flavor, but you can always kick it up by adding some from your own spice cupboard.


  Celebrate Your Heritage and Bring Back Your Favorite Dishes


We are always expanding our distribution partners, so matter where you live in the world, you can still create delicious fufu any night of the week. Bring back the tradition of placing the pot of fufu in the center of your table and dipping it into your favorite soup or stew. Use fufu flour as a breading when frying up meat or vegetables. Rediscover the comfort of your childhood when you add this staple ingredient back to your kitchen cupboard.


Tropical Foods Company Inc. focuses on producing quality fufu flour using your choice of cassava or taro tubers. Pick up a bag of our flour at your local grocer, specialty food shop, or online retailer today.

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